Meet the Team

Richard & Jane (Mr & Mrs Green)

Richard has been working at the shop since he was 12 and took over the business from his father, Cress, in 2008. When he’s not working, he can be found cycling up the mountains of Europe (or training for the next big ride). His wife, Jane, works from home taking care of our accounts, although you will often see her in the shop when she is not looking after her grandson, Remy.


Annie (Jane & Richard’s daughter) is now part-time after having a little boy. She can normally be found in the office (known fondly by customers as The Secret Cupboard), drinking rooibos tea, researching new products and dealing with paperwork.


Cassia has been with us for 7 years and really knows all the ins and outs at Greens. In her spare time, she loves travelling and is a big fan of cactus plants and spices (she is named after one, after all)!


Alex is here every Mon-Fri and you will not find anyone more polite and easy-going, or anyone who likes talking about food so much! He cycles to work everyday and loves the gym, which makes him very handy for all our heavy-lifting.


Courtney loves yoga, meditation and long walks. She is the founder of the Moon Time Project, which collects donations of menstrual products locally for those in need. She also creates and sells ethically-sourced smoke cleanse wands and crystals via her website Luna & Sienna.

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